Mentor Coaching: February-May 2024

"Supporting YOUR life journey"

Coaching is a hot word in our culture. Simply put, coaching is a partnership between a coach and an individual who desires to make positive life changes. A coach sees the whole person, moving him or her forward in life by providing deep listening, powerful questions, and support.  Dr. Jim Robey, MCC, will provide you with confidential coaching that helps move you move more fully into the "fullness of your life." Coaching is transforming!

Mentor Coaching Group: Starting February 7, 2024

Do you need the required mentor coaching for your ICF ACC or PCC application or your ACC renewal?

            Are you looking for a high-value way to increase your coaching mastery?

Do you enjoy working in collaborative group environments?

Then join a community of coaches focusing on expanding your foundational coaching skills and practice!

Utilizing the ICF competencies and the Positive Intelligence (PQ) coaching framework, the group will support each other’s learning and growth around:

·       Identifying and building upon your strengths
·       Challenging participants to develop lesser-used skills
·       Enhancing self-awareness, presence, and coaching mindset

Each participant will coach and be coached at least once within the group. Most important: We’ll have fun doing it! This is limited to 4 coaches.

This 3-month Intensive Program includes:

·       7 hours of Group Mentor Coaching
·       3 hours of Individual Mentor Coaching

Program Format:

·        Group coaching begins at 9 am ET/ 8 am CT/ 2 pm GMT on Wednesday, February 7, and will continue to meet monthly for 2 hours through May 1, 2024.   * We may adjust meeting dates and times to accommodate your changing schedules.
·       Individual coaching which you will schedule once the program begins.


Because this is a high-value group experience, each participant only pays $1600 / £ 1300 / € 1500  for the entire 10-hour program. (Significant savings over 1:1 Mentor Coaching, currently valued at $3600 per person.)

You will receive a certificate for 10 hours of Mentor Coaching for submission with your ICF credential application/renewal upon completion.

Any questions? Contact Jim Robey

·       Cell:             +1  205-960-3157

·       Email:          [email protected]

·       Schedule

Want to apply? 

Mentor Coach Jim Robey

Dr. Jim Robey, a Master Certified Coach (MCC) with 20 years of coaching experience, is known for tailoring his coaching for the person, place, and potential for transformation. He brings a heartfelt presence to his profound commitment to helping others grow in their work and life. Positive Intelligence (PQ) is a vital part of his coaching.

An avid learner, he consults with coaches globally and continues to learn with them to become more masterful in his coaching. Jim values experiential learning as part of the leaders' coaching process and transformation. A strong believer in education, Jim earned his Doctorate from Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia. He is also a graduate of The Co-Active Training Institute’s distinguished Co-Active Leadership Program and is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC). Jim is a Certified Positive Intelligence Coach (CPQC) and one of the first coaches who have completed the flagship PQ Mastery Program. You can read more about Jim at

 Comments from Fall 2023 Coaches

    I'm absolutely *LOVING* this round of mentor coaching! Thanks so much Jim for you thoughtful and challenging mentorship... I really appreciate the space you make for me to keep growing into a better coach. ~ USA coach

 Thank you Jim for sharing this group mentor coaching opportunity! I have found the coaching group an excellent space to improve and learn from the resources and fellow coaches! ~ Canadian coach

  I’d highly recommend Jim’s mentor coaching. It’s just what I needed when I needed it! And it’s great value.  I’m getting so much out of each session! ~ UK coach

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